Millions of Americans, each year, receive a dreaded phone call stating that their family member or loved one has become a missing person in a foreign country. When people receive that phone call, many people do not know what to do. In this article, you will see the options that you have available to attempt to get your loved one home safely. First, as a family member, you should call the U.S. Embassy in the country where your family member was traveling. Next, you should call your congressman and explain the situation to them as well. If these first two options do not work you could hire an international undercover agent to work for you. Finally, you could use some of the international special courier services to contact the hotel where your missing family member was staying. When someone goes missing in a foreign country it can be very difficult for family members to speak with the local authorities or the people at the hotel if the locals do not speak English. These are just some of the main options family members have when one of their loved ones goes missing while traveling abroad. Here is the list, with more detailed information about each option:


  1. Call the U.S. Embassy located in the country where your loved one was staying. A person at the Embassy will be able to talk to locals and local leaders to try to find your loved one. They will also be able to speak the language of the locals, so you do not have to call local parcel from india to usa authorities yourself and try to communicate. Also, people at the U.S. Embassy usually have a decent amount of power and are able to better work with the local authorities.
  2. Calling your congressman is a good idea because they will have some power over authorities in another country since no country wants the reputation of having Americans go missing.
  3. You could hire a secret agent who works on missing persons cases worldwide. These agents are trained to speak many different languages and they are good at getting important information from locals and local authorities.
  4. It may be a good idea to try contacting the hotel where your loved one was staying to see if they know anything about your loved one’s travel arrangements or to see if they noticed anything strange at the hotel. If you do not speak the same language as the people at the hotels, you can use a courier service, where the people will translate your message for you and deliver it directly where it needs to go. A courier also sends a message that it is important for the people who work at the hotel to help you.

These tips should help families around the country know what to do if their loved one goes missing while abroad. Hopefully, most Americans will never have to use these tips, but it is always good to be informed of your options just in case.