There are two generations of C&A era Pte Ltd’s Business Development Director Priscilla Ang. As her parents approach retirement age, she has taken on running the firm. Acrylic product manufacturing is a more straightforward process than building. For her, acrylic items, particularly those made by cosmetics businesses, are fascinating. We are known forĀ acrylic counter & products.

As a result, the firm has offered high-quality acrylic goods at a low cost for the last 20 years since all manufacturing, from acrylic to printing, is done in-house. Priscilla took great pleasure in the company’s capacity to turn projects around in the shortest time possible while also ensuring that they were of the highest possible quality. All of this was made feasible, according to her, because of her knowledge and the company’s fabrication capabilities. Her father, Clement Ang’s years of expertise working in the acrylic industry have been an invaluable asset for the company’s high-quality fabrications.

It is his goal for the company’s employees to meet the needs of its customers constantly. He has the know-how to find the best techniques for producing acrylic at a cheap cost. The company’s ongoing investment in technology has taken it to a new level of production modernization. Another aspect that contributes to the company’s success is the cohesiveness of its workforce. From the beginning, Priscilla’s parents fostered an exceptional “family-like” working environment among the personnel. In a friendly atmosphere, the group works well together.