It looks as though  both FedEx and UPS are raising their rates, and the Post Office, if it gets its way, will probably raise its rates as well.

What does this mean to an individual or a business with shipping needs?  It means that, more than ever, it pays to have to manage those needs.

Individuals and businesses will definitely save money on freight and shipping costs by having the Priceline of Shipping,, research their shipping requirements, and match those needs to the perfect shipping method.

Often, people end up paying far more than necessary for shipping, because they just don’t know how to do it any other way; “We’ve always done it this way” isn’t always a good thing.  At Freight and Shipping, Inc, we will find the lowest possible price for shipping your full truckload, or your ltl.  We promise.’s huge variety of shipping choices allows us to analyze your shipping needs and make the perfect match, saving you time, inconvenience, and a LOT of money, sometimes up to 80% over any other shipping company..

The technology we have here at can be of immense help to you, our customer, in finding the perfect shipping match for your needs.  Our instant “Quick Quote,” for example, puts your quote only a few minutes away, and as close as your personal email.  For Ebay sellers, our handy and accurate shipping calculator will give potential buyers a shipping quote on the spot, and when customers know the cost of shipping ahead of time, they are more likely to bid on your auction.

And, of course, you can always just pick up your phone and call us at 1-855-378-7447.  A genuine human being will answer the phone.

On this first Wednesday of 2007, we hope your new year is off to a great start. logistics company