The world is loaded with cars that are worked for function, with plenty of boot space and child locks. It is also loaded with cars that are worked to be splendid cars, with fast engines, expensive wheels and a speedy drive. What the world is not loaded with, however, is cars that seem to be designed for you, and for you alone. These cars are the ultimate in extravagance and keep you in exactly the house to which you are accustomed, and they fit your needs perfectly.

One such car is the new Mercedes Benz GLC-Class, which is, the brand keep up, worked for pleasure. The official snippet explains how we open our eyes every few seconds, and that the GLC-Class is designed to make each time a pleasure. Corporate and a little pretentious it could be, however this car really does seem to live up to a number of very elevated standards.


The separate functions that make this car special are quite common as separate features, however the combination of all into one delightful model is the thing that makes the GLC-Class special, whether you are getting it from a used Mercedes Benz dealership or straight off the manufacturer’s line. Be that as it may, what are those features?

Looks-wise, Mercedes have aimed to keep that classic and sophisticated Mercedes Benz styling whilst tossing in a few modern updates and modifications. The looks are sleek and economical, with plenty of glossy beautiful touches, and enough light litheness to make it surprisingly easy to reduce your fuel consumption. You also have a few of those lovely Mercedes Benz touches Blue efficiency to save you even more petrol money, the splendid manual gearbox with slope start assist, and countless other little additions that make it easier to drive.

Inside, the GLC-Class is worked to last, with some extra touches and lovely features that will be a significant bonus for anyone getting one as a used Mercedes Benz years down the line. One of the smartest and most technological additions in this new GLC-Class model is the temperature controls. Understanding that different passengers have different needs, Mercedes has done the impossible – giving each position in the car its own set of temperature controls and little temperate environment – meaning that the cold human in the back can have some heat whilst the driver is able to stay cool. Perfect. I have no idea how this works, however I love the result!

All things considered, from the tailored seats that adjust to your body directly through to more technological advances that give pedestrians a better chance of surviving a collision, the Xe Mercedes Maybach is designed to give all who encounter it the ride of their life. It may not be flashy and over-the-top, however here is a calm and restrained car that may just destroy all the similar models right. With such an abundance of features, bonuses and attractive design touches, I really have to say that I am bowled over by the whole car – and it has been a while since a Mercedes did that for me.