Matches would be the time when the young, women, men and the old from a number of backgrounds, ethnicity and religions come together for a common cause: to encourage. Football fans are affected that their team plays convinced that this will be their game, their season. They admit they love the game, along with devastation and the elation experienced through losing or winning keep they addicted to their lives. One reason is the progress of football as we know it took place and it is therefore considered to be part of our civilization and for some it is ingrained. Match times are nearly enchanting – the smell of fried onions, the hordes of the group’s fans in their brightly colored football tops, the banter, the football chants, the smiles, the singing, the nervous anticipation, the scarf and programmer sellers. All of it makes for a charged and comfortable yet exhilarating atmosphere.


Football represents an Escape also provides a feeling of belonging and community. The bond between lovers has been described as familial while the football team is considered a ‘buddy’. Plenty of the time, a person’s support of a group, stems with fathers and sons in particular matches developing a friendship and bonding between the two and’ their’ team, from relatives. Football is viewed as a force that offers communication and stability. Some believe that football since it symbolizes a substitute for warfare is popular as it is. Previously, people or a country derived their sense of self from that they defeated or lost against and the operation of their military a strong duty was. This concept of local rivalries may explain why there is passionate competition between groups like Manchester United and Liverpool FC.

Another possible Reason for our love of football is admiration and the respect that the players deserve – they are talented to improve this. In short, they play football for a living and are good at it and they are envied by us. Football fans although not part of the real game, consider themselves to be part of the group ‘the twelfth man’ without them there would be no team motivation or intimidation of the opposition and it is often suggested that the lovers affect the decisions of the referee. So strong is this belief that fans might believe their group had been left by them down when they had not attended a game and they lost lovers are not observers, they are there to help the team. Regardless of trực tiếp bóng đá makes us enthusiastic about football one thing is sure, football incites euphoria, frustration, passion and anger.