There have been a few models of the Samsung Laser Printer delivered into the market. Notwithstanding, large numbers of them appear to present different levels of issues. Here are a portion of the normal error codes alongside tips on investigating:

Error message: Filtering error

This error message is basically an equipment error. You could attempt to supplant the USB link. Once in a while low quality links cannot send the enormous information required by a scanner.

Error message: paper jam

This happens when the paper has stuck in your Samsung Laser Printer. You really want to check the sensor situated next to leave rollers. Perhaps it is in inaccurate position, or is harmed. In the case of nothing works, have a go at supplanting it with another sensor.

Error message: square prints

Once in a while you might encounter that your Samsung Laser Printer is printing out squares rather than normal text. It can work out assuming you are utilizing Firefox or printing content from locales which do not perceive the textual style utilized in the text. To fix this issue you should reinstall every significant driver. In the event that this does not help then, at that point, visit the printers and faxes organizer, select your printer and pick the properties.

Error message: missing print

Once in a while, a part of your page could be absent any and all print. It can happen as a result of error paper size design. Check the settings and attempt once more.

Error code: H2

This error code demonstrates that there is an issue with the fuser heating up. Ensure every one of the links is in association and that no point is absent.

Error message: Media plate vacant

At times regardless of whether the plate is stacked with paper you could be getting this error message on your Samsung Laser Printer. Have a go at refreshing the drivers by visiting the Samsung site. This ought to correct issues.

Error: Toner light still on

After substitution of the toner cartridge you could in any case find the toner light turned on consistently. You want to keep an eye on the circuit situated on the front side of the cartridge. You could have a go at supplanting this with a 50 mp one. This error generally happens in the Samsung SCX-4216F.

Error code: 24

This error code shows that there is a lot of over-burden, taking everything into account and check out You can choose the button called ‘proceed’ and afterward have a go at decreasing how much print work.

Error code: 50

This shows a glitch in the fuser. It implies the fuser is not warming up. Have a go at turning off your Samsung Laser Printer or resetting the printer for about 15 minutes and afterward switch it on once more. In the event that this does not tackle the issue, it could demonstrate a shortcoming in the fuser gathering or in the air conditioner power.

Error code: 16

This error code implies that the toner is low. That implies the circulation of the toner inside the cartridge is lacking. You want to take out the cartridge and move it back and front tenderly. In the event that this does not work have a go at supplanting the cartridge. You could likewise take a stab at tidying up the contacts.