What is Massage Therapy?

The manipulation of the body’s tissues is called massage. These therapies are applied using hands, elbows, fingers, knees, forearms, or using some device. The main purpose is to treat the body stress or pain. A professional who does massages is called a masseuse (Female) or a masseur (male). In the USA massage therapist has been considered a business norm for all those who’re professionally trained to massage others.

In a professional setting, clients are treated when they are lying on a massage chair, on a mat on the floor, or a massage bed. People prefer to get massaged after a gym workout with massage therapist in Frisco, TX.

History of Massage Therapy

Archaeological pieces of evidence prove that the origin of massage therapy can be traced back to India, Japan, Korea, China, Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, and Greece. The massage therapy is common at these places since 700 BC. It was in 581 AD that china has established the first department for massage therapy in the office of Imperial Physicians.

During the 18th & 19th centuries, this therapy spread throughout the world. It is used to relax body and mind in every corner of the world today, wherever humans exist.

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