A serological rotator additionally called a serofuge, is utilized to turn the serum from red blood cells. Serological rotators may all appear to be identical yet it really comes in different kinds. Every one of these sorts performs contrastingly even with similar settings. Each instrument should be aligned to accommodate its planned strategy or use.

serological centrifuge

Uses of Serological Centrifuges

Since it is generally utilized in blood banking, the instrument can be utilized in the accompanying test serums:

  • Rouleaux location
  • Agglutination evaluating
  • Direct immune response testing
  • Antibody recognizable proof

To give you an illustration of a standout amongst otherĀ serological centrifuge in the market today, we have the EBA 280 and 280 S.

The EBA 280 and EBA 280 S offer uncommon client comfort and a decision of 6 rotors. The rotor can be taken out and supplanted effectively because of the brisk delivery framework. The rotor secures and stays secure without the utilization of instruments or additional exertion. The illuminated computerized control board offers the chance to save 9 different program settings.

MAX. Limit:

6 x 50 ml


4,146 | 5,071


6,000 min – 1


approx. 12 kg

Measurements (W x D x H):

326 x 400 x 242 mm